God, I Have a Question …

God, I Have a Question …                                                         March 19, 2023

There’s about a million questions I want to ask God.  I’m sure you all do too or have thought about it at one point in your life.  My family and I always talk about what we would like to ask our Heavenly Father when we finally get to meet Him.  Once we finally catch our “spiritual breath” that is.  Some of my questions would include:

  • What was it like to create the stars?
  • How big is the universe?
  • What did the garden of Eden look like?
  • Where is Jesus?  Can I meet Him?

Maybe your questions are a lot simpler than that or maybe you just want to sit back and bask in His glory which is completely understandable.  We can get caught up in this and go on and on but do you ever stop to think about what questions God may ask you?  Specifically, when you’re standing before Him on that day of Judgement?  I know for a fact a few questions that He’s NOT going to ask …

  • God won’t ask how big your house was; He may ask how many people you welcomed into it.
  • God won’t ask what your job was; He may ask if you performed it to the best of your ability.
  • God won’t ask how many followers you had; He may ask how many people you befriended.
  • God won’t ask what neighborhood you lived in; He may ask you how you treated your neighbours.
  • God won’t ask about the color of your skin; He may ask about the content of your character.

Some of these questions really put our lives into perspective.  We can get so caught up in all this “stuff” in life that we ultimately put the big picture on the back burner.  It’s at this point that we tend to forget that it isn’t the amount you traveled that counts, it’s the direction in which you are travelling that does.

For some, however, God’s questioning may be a bit more uncomfortable.  Maybe He’ll ask why you ever doubted Him?  Maybe He’ll ask you why did you stop praying or stopped attending?  Maybe he’ll ask you “Was My Son not enough for you?”  These are all just theories and what ifs, because no one really knows what will be said when you meet face to face with God.

Job thought he would ask questions of the Lord and we know how that turned out (Job 38:3).  “Then the Lord spoke to Job out of the storm.  He said: ‘Brace yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer Me.'”

One day we will have a conversation with God.  We may get to ask Him some questions, but then again, He could have questions waiting for us.  Based on your life up to this point, what do you think that conversation with the Lord will sound like?

By Jared Boser (Adapted)

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