Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Come to Pass

Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Come to Pass              January 1, 2023

How Long Has It Been Since You…

  • Took the time to go see someone who lives alone?
  • Wrote a letter to someone whose name crossed your mind?
  • Read the Bible to someone too ill to read for themselves?
  • Encouraged someone who was having a hard time being a Christian?
  • Prayed earnestly for someone who was falling back into sin?
  • Tried to have a Bible study with someone you knew was lost?
  • Told a teen that you were proud of their efforts to live for Christ?
  • Spent more time on your knees praying, than on the phone talking?
  • Informed your family of your love and your appreciation of them?
  • Thanked God for His many blessings, and actually named several of them?

If it has been too long, what are you going to do about it?

And when?  Time and opportunities are limited and therefore

priceless.  Let this little list of questions serve to encourage

and remind you to be about your Father’s business


It’s good to be a Christian

and know it;

But it’s better to be a Christian

and show it!!