What Is Tolerated Today Becomes Accepted Tomorrow

What Is Tolerated Today Becomes Accepted Tomorrow       December 11, 2022

Many years ago I read a quote that I found to be true.  This was the quote: “What is tolerated today becomes accepted tomorrow.”  Whoever said that said a mouthful and hit the nail on the head.  Let me give you a couple of examples.

In 1939 a movie was made that had one curse word in it.  History tells us all that moral leaders and church pulpits all over our country raised a sustained cry against it being released for public showing and almost succeeded in their efforts.  However, Hollywood turned a deaf ear to the protests and patiently waited until the hubbub died down.  After the protest became old news, Hollywood released the picture, Gone With The Wind.  Forty years later, in 1979, Hollywood produced and released a movie that had only one curse word in it (the same word used in Gone With The Wind) and parents all over the land breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Finally a movie that we can let our children go see.”  It was Star Wars.  This gradual “toleration creep” has lead to most of the movies released today, being filled with vile, filthy language that would have made drunken sailor blush in 1939!

In 1953, a new magazine was about to be released for publication and a volcanic protest by churches and various organizations erupted.  The publisher and court officials turned a deaf ear to the protests and, hence, “Play Boy” magazine became an American institution.  This lead to publications of similar magazines.  This, in turn, motivated Hollywood to begin releasing movies of a vivid sexual nature which lead to the necessitation of a rating system.  Over time there has been a “rating creep” so that what used to be X rated is now R rated, R rated is now PG 13 rated and PG 13 is now rated G.  The slow graduation of “Toleration Creep” has desensitized us to the point we are now accepting as O.K. that which was tolerated with anxious misgivings a few years ago.

Sadly, many Christians have become so desensitized to this media filth that they, with their money and attendance, have succumbed to this “wile” of the devil.  God tells us through the apostle Paul “…do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but, instead, expose them” (Ephesians 5:11).

It is sad to see many Christians (even though it bothers them) allowing their children to watch TV programs and movies that promote this moral filth.  The danger for their children, for the most part, is that they will feel it is acceptable for Christians to do this because their parents did not speak out against it or restrict them from involving themselves with this moral tragedy when they were in their formative years.  Sadly, in some cases, the children learn by example when they see their parents rent or buy these movies and play them on their DVD sets at home.  “Be not deceived, for whatever we sow that is what we shall reap” (Galatians 6:7-8).  Brethren, young and old, let us take the high road of God and take a stand against these things.  Let’s not succumb to this Moral Creep.  Beware, it is a device of the Devil to ensnare our souls.

By Dick Millwee

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