What Jesus Said About His Coming

What Jesus Said About His Coming                            December 24, 2023

I came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets (Matthew 5:17).  Many of the Jews believed that Jesus’ purpose in coming to earth was to destroy all that they regarded as sacred and holy.  He was quick to remind them that His coming was to fulfill all that was holy and sacred.  If they really looked at the Law and the message of the prophets then they could clearly see that Jesus came to fulfill them and not destroy them.

I came to bring a sword and not peace to the earth (Matthew 10:34-39).  I came to cast fire upon the earth and to bring division (Luke 12:49-53).  How is this possible when angels announced His coming would bring peace among men (Luke 2:14)?  Well, both were correct.  Jesus’ coming would bring inner peace to all those who would hear His words and obey them.  But His coming also brought discord and division between members of one’s household when someone believed in Him while others refused to do so.

I came to eat and drink with sinners (Matthew 11:19).  When some of the Jews saw Jesus eating and drinking with sinners and tax-gatherers they concluded that He wasn’t sent from God nor was He sincere in anything He had to say to them.  Little did they realize why He ate and drank with sinners.  He wanted to save them from the wrath of God which was to come.

I came to preach to everyone (Mark 1:38).  Wherever people lived Jesus wanted to share God’s message with them even in small towns or villages.

I came to bring judgment into this world (John 9:39).  Jesus’ coming opened the eyes of those who were blind to God’s will while at the same time His coming blinded those who professed to seeing God’s will because their selfish pride prevented them from seeing what God wanted them to see.

I came to provide people with an abundant life (John 10:10).  While many Jewish leaders robbed the Jewish people of a joyful life through their teachings Jesus came to provide them through His teachings with a meaningful and abundant life.

I came to die a horrible death for the world (John 12:27).  It really troubled Jesus’ soul to approach the hour of His death.  His mind questioned whether He should ask God to save Him from His death for He knew that was why He came to this earth. 

I came to give God’s words to the apostles so they could share it with the world (John 17:1-8).  There is no gold, silver, rubies, diamonds or any other precious stones that can compare in value to the value of having God’s word available to us today.  It is such a treasure to all throughout the world.

As the world celebrates the coming of Jesus at this time of year may we be reminded of what Jesus says are the reasons for His coming to earth for there is no word that should be more highly revered than the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.     

Brian Thompson