What’s Your Goliath?

What’s Your Goliath?                                                         October 1, 2023

I came across a video the other day of an incredible scene: two honey badgers battling a pride of six lions.  Although outnumbered, the honey badgers refused to back down from ferocious predators ten times their size.  The lions thought the kill would be simple, but the footage shows the badgers walking away with a bit of a swagger.  The Big guy versus the Little guy.  Recently our Preschool class talked about the story of David and Goliath.  We had a very special guest that night show up.  These kids showed no fear at all.  They lined up their marshmallow stone and aimed their sling shot and took down the giant.  They were fearless.

There are so many lessons from this famous Biblical story in I Samuel 17.

Young, inexperienced David with only a slingshot and a few stones confronted the fierce Philistine Giant who possessed brute strength and advanced weaponry.

Goliath was mocking Israel to engage in battle, but no one was willing to fight.  King Saul and “all the Israelites were terrified.”  Imagine the shock when David stepped up to the challenge.  What gave him the courage that none of Israel’s hardened warriors possessed?

For all of Israel, Goliath dominated their vision.  That’s all they saw.

But David was different – he was fearless.  All he saw was God.

“The Lord will deliver YOU into my hands,” he insisted (I Samuel 17:46).

While everyone else believed Goliath controlled the story, David believed that God loomed larger.  With a single stone to the giant’s forehead, David’s faith was justified.

This world and Satan himself tempts us to believe that “Goliath” directs the story.  We all have a goliath (it’s different for everyone, health, money, doubt, worry, anxiety) and you could even be facing multiple goliaths – just like the Honey Badgers.

What We Cannot Forget:

No matter what we face – God is larger…when He dominates our vision, there’s nothing else left to focus on.

What Goliath overwhelms you these days?  How can the power and presence of God transform your perspective?

You’ve got a problem?  God is bigger.  You’ve got worries or stress?  God is better.

No matter what, God looms larger.  No problem or obstacle is too big for Him.

By Jared Boser